How does the Nexus 10 compare to that apple ipad 4?

It in reality holds up very well. In truth, there’s very little to choose between the two.

I must say that both devices are utterly brilliant. Neither one would make for a bad tablet choice, so either way you are onto a winner.

Due to a closeness of the rivalry, a lot of the response is going to be subjective. Because I’m a bigger admirer of Apple’s iOS than I am of Google’s Android (although I do like Android lots) I’ll say that the iPad is a better deal. Again, that is just my opinion. I’ve been using Apple computers for numerous years now and I’d in my opinion not go over to anything else.

So, in order to answer this question in more detail, I went in for a second opinion. To the end, I spoke to Seb Warren, who is the founder of that modern online customer tech group AppleFanBoii, as well as the tech expert and all-round pleasant chap.

For Seb (who, admittedly, is really a little biased) the Nexus 10 has instant reward over the apple ipad within the areas of cost and also the customizability of Android (compared with iOS). “In my opinion, and this is coming from an Apple fanboy, Android wins” he said, “The iPad 4 remains to be running iOS 6, which includes a boring, stale design. However, you may make the Nexus 10 your own”

He followed to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow ‘Apple-ites’ (they hate it when I call them that) by praising the iPad’s user-friendliness “If you want a tablet pc for easy use, then its apple ipad 4 for sure” he laughed, before adding “…and the screen is gorgeous”.

In terms of basic stats, the Google nexus 10 is lighter than the apple ipad 4 by some 50g, that is substantial and renders the Google nexus 10 as a more portable of the two. Though, the apple ipad 4 has a slightly enhanced battery life. The iPad has an option for around 64GB of space for storing, whereas the Google nexus 10 only goes as high as 32GB.

Which really surprised me is that the Nexus 10 in fact has a higher screen resolution than the apple ipad 4. The Retina Display may become a great bit of branding, but recent tablet pc’s, like The Microsoft Surface, have equalled it (and also bettered it a few times) by way of display quality.

Oddly, very tech minded amongst you might find the Nexus 10 to be a better experience; it’s also the selection to make if money can be a large reason in your decision. Yet, the apple ipad, with its winning mixture of dependability, sterling popularity, ease of use and access to the best app store about is unquestionably well worth the extra cash in my opinion.